Concept for Pharmacy is a privately owned pharmaceutical company founded in 1985. We specialize in production in three separate divisions: Pharmaceutical Compounding, Disinfection agents for various fields and Deviceuticals. The company is GMP & GPP compliant and is certified ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016.

There is always a constant need for medicinal preparations of non-registered drugs due to various reasons. Some of these reasons may be due to being a very limited usage and therefore no proprietary preparation available, a need for different properties such as Preservative Free eye drops or a proprietary drug shortage from normal suppliers. Usually these preparations are made in small batches, the company manufactures in accordance with specific requests from medical institutions.

In our Disinfectant section, Concept is constantly striving to be a leader in disinfection technology, introducing and implementing new and innovative formulations to fulfill different needs in several different fields. Currently, the company manufactures several products for Human hygiene, Animal health, the Food industry and for Agriculture. One of the most recent and advanced technologies is the introduction of a new chloroxidizer entity that incorporates a blue color. This is the first colored chloroxidizing agent in the world. The reason for developing the color in the compound is mainly as a safety measure but it also acts as an indicator. This new technological breakthrough places Concept’s products in the first line of products intended for Infection Control.

Deviceuticals are registered medical devices in a pharmaceutical form such as: injectables, implants, ophthalmic drops, powders, sterile solutions tablets or other. Devices effect a physical action in the body without involving a Bio-Pharmacological response.

Shimon Ben Horin
Yishai Freedman
Vice President
Leon Lipsicas
Lior Cohen
Responsible Pharmacist, Drug Warehouse
Evelina Fuks
Operations Engineer
Nofar Simon
Head QA
Gal SZhafir
Lab Manager
Hilla Ashkenazi
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