An innovative and efficient method for preparing safe and accurate disinfectant solutions for use in industry and agriculture.


  • Increasing shelf life of post harvest fruit and vegetables.
  • Cuttings and rootings in plant nurseries.
  • Seed disinfection.


  • An effervescent tablet – easy to handle and use.
  • Contains a Latent Available Chlorine (LAC) which is very stable and is active against all types of microorganisms including pathogenic bacteria, spores, viruses, fungi, yeast, and various mono-celled organisms such as amoeba, even in the presence of organic matter.
  • pH of 5.5-6 – does not cause skin irritation and does not damage the plants.
Klor Bac & Klor Bac Agri

A multi use, high level cleaning and disinfection agent

A concentrated powder based on a semi organic chlorine compound. A multi use, high level cleaning and disinfection agent with a broad spectrum bactericide, germicide and fungicide, specially formulated for agricultural and industrial use.

  • Soil disinfection against CGMMV (Tobacco Mosaic Virus found in tomatoes, and cucambers).
  • Cleaning of the irrigation system.
  • Cleans and disinfects greenhouses and nets, without affecting the plants, the plastic or the nets. It kills algae and mold formed by moisture.
  • Completely safe for the user and to the environment.
  • Easy to use, transport and store.

RAYmist is a state of the art unique system that generates ultrasonic misting of a specially formulated solution to treat fruit and vegetables that are sensitive to wetting and such that are too delicate to be processed by conventional ways.

This system uses compressed air to push the solution through special nozzles that break the solution into very small particles at the size of no more than 10 microns. This causes the solution to become a cloud like fine mist that covers all the produce and disinfects it at a high level. All this is done inside a closed system that increases the surface contact and maximizes the disinfection effect.

By using this system, it is possible to increase shelf life of produce that is sensitive to wetting and cannot be done in any other way. Samples of such produce are: Figs, Cherry Tomatoes on the vine, Eggplants and more.

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For saving water during irrigation

HydroGel is a long-lasting, easy-to-use, water-absorbing soil additive. It was specially designed to reduce frequent irrigation and water waste in gardens, houseplants, and landscaping. HydroGel water-holding capacity offers a stable growing environment which allows for faster and healthier plant growth and ultimately leads to reduction in plant mortality.

HydroGel’s unique absorbing characteristic allows each granule to expand and absorb up to 500 times its weight in water, depending on the quality of water. Then by acting as a reservoir of water, HydroGel allows for 95-99% of the water stored to be available for the plants roots to draw upon as needed, thus ensuring stable conditions for healthy plant growth. (The pressure gradient exerted by a plant’s root system is quite sufficient to withdraw its water.)

Unlike most substances that hydrate, HydroGel hydration is fully reversible once all the water is withdrawn, the particle can return to its original size, ready to be filled again. HydroGel can be filled and emptied many times. In undisturbed conditions HydroGel usually lasts 4-7 years in the soil as it begins losing its efficiency in the range of 7-10% per year.

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