Every registered drug that is imported to Israel has to be checked by a certified pharmacist by the ministry of health (QP).

Concept has 2 QPs who are certified by the ministry of health, according to GMP regulations.


May you require any of the following services, please contact us.


QP Services

  • Import of registered drugs
  • Propriety checking of batch documents, and in case of exceptions – writing an appropriate report
  • Release of batches in Concept’s GMP warehouse
  • Delivery to the client (according to GDP or by self pickup)
  • Inspection of foreign suppliers upon request.

QP Services for clinical drugs

  • Checking of manufacturing documentation
  • Final checking of the drug
  • Release for clinical research or clients

QPPV Services

Annual report of adverse effects for all registered drugs in Israel.

Distribution Services GDP

Distribution of all registered or clinical drugs to all destinations in Israel.

Formulation Services

We have a vast experience in assembling new formulations for required compounded medicine.

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